A SALISBURY band have released their latest single, Leave It All Behind.

Gambling Hearts is made up of Simon Rowe, Sam Wright and Will Kozak who are signed to London-based record label Animal Farm.

Sam still lives in Salisbury while Will recently to Bapton and Simon is based in South London.

Singer Simon, who wrote the song back in 2019, said: “We’ve been excited about this song for a long time. It was recorded early last year but, because of scheduling, we had to wait a few months before releasing it. Usually, when the time comes to put it out you don’t feel as excited about it as you do when you’re recording it; but this one’s always been a favourite of ours. It still feels fresh and we’re excited for people to hear it.”

Gambling Hearts: Leave It All Behind

Gambling Hearts: Leave It All Behind

Leave It All Behind single cover

He says when he wrote the song the country was divided over Brexit, adding: “It’s all anyone would talk about, and the divide felt pretty hostile. Everything felt difficult then, really strained. So this song was kind of born out of frustration and anxiety. It’s not a protest song or anything though, it’s just loosely how I was feeling at the time, put to music. I hate conflict, and I don’t have the power to change anything, but I love writing songs and playing guitar.”

Simon and Will previously played together in Cast Iron Shores but after the band split the pair decided to form a new band and added Sam to the mix.

After the band formed they moved to London playing two or three nights a week but after a few years on the music circuit decided to call it a day. Then about a decade later the trio were reunited when Sam got married and the band was restarted.

“That was the first time in a good 10 years that the three us had been in the same room together,” said Simon.

After a couple of weeks they started texting each other about playing together again.

“We did considered changing the name of the band, having a fresh start, and Gambling Hearts isn’t the greatest of names, it sounds like a dating app or something, but we had good memories of those first couple of years, so we kept it,” said Simon.

Gambling Hearts: Leave It All Behind

Gambling Hearts: Leave It All Behind

Speaking about the impact of the pandemic and lockdown, he adds: “We’ve not played together since March last year. It’s been difficult, like anything you love doing, when you can’t do it you miss it. We put three singles out last year, but when you’re not out playing live it’s hard to properly promote them or get anything out of them. We find it difficult to get people to listen to the singles when we’re not out playing.”

Gambling Hearts has another single lined up for release and Simon says he has written new songs, which the band will be working on new songs.

Go to facebook.com/gamblinghearts for more.


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