“DANGEROUS for children” is how a Shaftesbury road has been described by one councillor, as it is frequently used as a shortcut by motorists.

Dorset Councillor for Shaftesbury Derek Beer has suggested either speed bumps or narrowing the road could resolve the problem.

He told the Journal that residents have raised concerns about the use of Sweetmans Road as a means to avoid the Ivy Cross Roundabout and its traffic.

His main concern for the area is during school arrival and pick up times, as the residential road is close to Shaftesbury CE Primary School.

He said: “The cars are nipping through a bit quick which is dangerous for children.

“It is a biggish road but it is a residential area, and mixing that with people driving too quickly, residents see it as a danger.”

Speed reducing measures had been suggested such as speed bumps, but Cllr Beer fears that residents will want them removed again post installation, due to “noise, damage to vehicles and vibration”.

Another idea put forward was narrowing parts of the road.

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