The number of people who have received at least one vaccine dose in Wiltshire, and Salisbury, has been revealed.

More than 205,000 people in Wiltshire have received a coronavirus vaccine so far – 28.7 per cent of the county’s population.

Salisbury tops the rankings in Wiltshire, with an estimated 34.8 per cent of its population, around 34,000 people, having received at least one dose.

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The next highest figures in the county are in North Wiltshire (33.4 per cent) and South West Wiltshire (30 per cent).

NHS England has published vaccination figures by constituency for the first time in its latest weekly data release.

Here's a breakdown of how many people have received one dose in Wiltshire:

Chippenham (29,104)

Devizes (26,151)

North Wiltshire (32,091)

Salisbury (34,027)

Swindon North (27,264)

Swindon South (27,629)

South West Wiltshire (30,946)

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