A BLANK sign in Fordingbridge has been labelled “ridiculous” by town councillors determined to see signage “clutter” stripped back throughout the area.

A presentation was given to the town council last week, with photographs illustrating problems with signage around the town and also street furniture like benches.

But one baffling sign in particular fuelled the debate.

'Answers on a postcard please'

Salisbury Journal:

A photograph in the presentation showed a red warning triangle with nothing in the centre.

On seeing the image deputy mayor, Councillor Anna Wilson, exclaimed: “We want answers on a postcard please for that one.”

Mayor Edward Hale pointed out the apparently useless sign even had its own light.

Call for action on signage 'clutter'

Cllr Wilson called for signage in the town to be looked at and audited by the relevant local authorities.

“They just clutter up our high street with all this stuff.

“We are just asking for the owners of these signs to have a look at them and if they still want them,” she added.

Another example given was that there are access only signs on both sides of the road outside the recreation ground.

Cllr Wilson said: “You only need one on one side of the road. It’s not compulsory to have them on both sides of the road.”

She felt the road signage was also out-of-date in some places, with some signs looking “dirty and scruffy”.

Salisbury Journal:

But Councillor Brian Perkins pointed out there was “still a lack” of signage in some places directing people to the car park.

He said: “When tourists come in to the town they don’t know there is a car park.”

'Disgraceful' state of streets

Unnecessary signs were not the only things on the meeting's agenda.

Councillors also expressed dismay at the general state of local streets.

The presentation also featured a picture of the remains of a wooden post in Roundhill, which Cllr Wilson said was “disgraceful”.

Salisbury Journal:

She also flagged the state of benches and bins in the town and stated: “It is hard for us to take any pride in that.

“We want something done.”

Salisbury Journal:

Councillor Nobby Goldsmith suggested bringing up the signage issue with the district and county councillors.

While Councillor Diane Paton said the town council should send them pictures directly.

Cllr Hale said once this was done it could be discussed again at the next meeting.

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