JOHN Glen has said a bypass "must be considered" as a solution to Salisbury's traffic problems.

It comes after the city council voted to oppose calls for a relief road or bypass as part of its response to Wiltshire Council's Local Plan review.

The MP for Salisbury has written to Highways England reiterating his support for "tangible reductions in congestion on the A36 through Salisbury".

Highways England is currently undertaking a major strategic study, looking at the road network in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset.

The parameters of that study are currently being decided in a scoping exercise that will report back in April.

'All possibilities need considering'

In a series of tweets, Mr Glen said "all possibilities need considering", including: "Radical solutions such as rerouting the A36 as a bypass as well as more limited improvements to congestion hotspots such as Southampton Road. It's a strategic mistake to take options off the table before they have been assessed."

He added: "Alongside this work, I remain committed to increasing the amount of cycling and walking in the city centre.

"I will help develop new proposals after the pandemic which can command wider support than the previous scheme which was suspended in November.

"Our priority must be to deliver an overarching transport strategy that improves air quality by increasing cycling and walking AND reducing congestion and through traffic on our road network – particularly the A36."

For more information on the Wiltshire Local Plan Review, click here.

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