A NEW Forest party chairman has called for the resignation of leader of a Hampshire council after he was convicted of disregarding environmental regulations at a scrapyard.

On Friday, March 12, leader of New Forest District Council, Barry Rickman, 63, appeared before Southampton Magistrates' Court this afternoon alongside his brother, Robert, 67.

Now, calls are being made for Rickman to resign from his position to "restore people’s confidence in the council".

The hearing was concerning issues at Rickman’s Scrapyard which they jointly own in Lower Mead End, Sway.

District Judge Richard Blake mentioned end of life vehicle disposal and asbestos when addressing the court.

Barry, of Heron Close, Sway, pleaded guilty to knowingly caused/permitted a person to operate a regulated waste operation facility that dealt with the deposit, treatment and or storage of waste, without authorisation of an environmental permit.

Meanwhile, his brother, of Rickman’s Scrapyard, Mead End Road, admitted a single matter of conducting/causing or knowingly permitting activity in contravention of an environmental permit in relation to the waste operation.

Chair of New Forest Lib Dems Jack Davies is calling for Rickman to resign.

He said: "The New Forest Liberal Democrats are passionate about protecting our environment. That’s why we were disappointed to hear Councillor Barry Rickman plead guilty to flouting environmental regulations.

“These regulations are in place to protect our environment and everybody else has to follow them.

"How can the Conservatives say, with a straight face, that they want to protect the environment if they let their leader get away with this?

“Therefore, it is with deep regret that we call for Councillor Barry Rickman to resign as Leader of the Council so that people’s confidence in the council can be restored.”

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