THE highly acclaimed co-director and producer of Secret Spitfires, Ethem Cetintas, died suddenly on Wednesday.

Ethem was a member of BAFTA, and had an illustrious career as a documentary film maker.

The team behind Secret Spitfires said: "We at Secret Spitfires are devastated to hear of the sudden death of Ethem Cetintas.

"He skilfully brought the untold story of young girls, women, boys, elderly men and a handful of engineers who built thousands of Spitfires during World War II to the public.

"Et cared deeply about each and every person featured in the film as well as their extended family and in the making of the documentary found a place in the hearts of so many."

They went on to say that Ethem was "an absolute gentleman", and that "words cannot express how much he will be missed."


Salisbury Journal: Norman Parker (left) and Ethem Cetintas (middle) at the Salisbury premier of Secret SpitifresNorman Parker (left) and Ethem Cetintas (middle) at the Salisbury premier of Secret Spitifres

Ethem Cetintas. Picture by Spencer Mulholland

'I can't tell you how much we will miss him'

Ethem was also a passionate member of SOS - Save Our Salisbury, an independent forum that debates the issues affecting Salisbury.

A post on the Facebook page said: "We at SOS are devastated following the sudden death on Wednesday evening of our dear friend and fellow admin Et.

"He was a wonderful film-maker, who co-directed and produced the acclaimed documentary The Secret Spitfires, and produced our page's video interviews with Robert Key.

"He was a brilliant guitarist with his band The Three Amigos."

It added: "To us, he was a kind, humorous and generous-spirited friend and colleague, and a passionate campaigner for grassroots democracy.

"I can't tell you how much we will miss him. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones."

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