What weather can Salisbury expect on April 5, the Easter Bank Holiday Monday?

It’s been a pleasant long weekend so far, with plenty of sunshine enabling people to meet up outdoors after lockdown rules eased on March 29 to allow the rule of six or two households to gather.

Monday will be the last hurrah before many of us head back to work – and before the bright weather begins to fade.

Light rain is expected overnight and early on Monday morning.

But this will give way to sunny intervals throughout the morning.

It’s in the latter part of the Bank Holiday afternoon that Salisbury is predicted by the Met Office to see its best weather of the day, however.

Below we run through how the Easter Bank Holiday Monday is expected to play out, according to the Met Office forecast, hour by hour.

We’ll also include a summary of what to expect for the rest of the week.

Monday, April 5


Light rain, 7C, 50% chance of precipitation


Light rain, 6C, 50%


Cloudy, 6C, <5%


Sunny intervals, 5C, <5%


Sunny intervals, 5C, <5%


Sunny intervals, 6C, <5%


Sunny intervals, 6C, <5%


Sunny intervals, 6C, <5%


Sunny intervals, 6C, <5%


Sunny day, 6C, <5%


Sunny day, 7C, <5%


Sunny day, 6C, <5%


Sunny day, 6C, <5%


Sunny day, 5C, <5%


Clear night, 4C, <5%


Clear night, 3C, <5%


Clear night, 2C, <5%


Clear night, 2C, <5%

The rest of the week

Tuesday, April 6

Sunny but changing to overcast by lunch time. Max temperature 7C, lows of -2C. Sunrise at 6.33am, with sunset at 7.48pm

Wednesday, April 7

Once again, a sunny day but shifting to overcast by the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to top out 7C, bottoming out at 1C. Sunrise is due at 6.31am, with sunset at 7.49pm.

Thursday, April 8

Another day starting sunny, with cloudy weather arriving for the afternoon. Maximum temperatures expected of a slightly higher 11C, with lows of 4C. Sunrise at 6.28am, sunset at 7.51pm.

Friday, April 9

The Met Office simply describes the outlook for April 9 as “cloudy”. Forecasters are not at this stage predicting rain. Temperatures won’t go much above 10C, or below 1C. Sunrise expected at 6.26am, with sunset at 7.53pm.

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