AS another month is over it’s time to reveal the Journal’s Camera Club winners for March.

With ‘Hope’ as the theme, members have been busy snapping images of wildlife, the beginning of spring, progress in the Covid-19 vaccination rollout and glorious weather.

Voted for by the Journal’s editorial team, first place was awarded to Tracey Crowley for her powerful shot of a swan, with the cathedral perfectly aligned in the background.

Salisbury Journal: First place: 'Wings Of Hope' - By Tracey CrowleyFirst place: 'Wings Of Hope' - By Tracey Crowley

Second place went to Claire Sheppard with her New Forest image, boasting a pleasing range of spring colours.

Salisbury Journal: Second place: Serenity at Hale Park - By Claire SheppardSecond place: Serenity at Hale Park - By Claire Sheppard

Andrew Carter secured third place with his shot of two cows, positioned for a family portrait.

Salisbury Journal: Third place: ‘New hope’ - By Andrew CarterThird place: ‘New hope’ - By Andrew Carter

The theme for this month will be announced tomorrow, April 6.

For more information and to take part visit the Salisbury Journal Camera Club on Facebook.