Did you know... that The Beatles came to Wiltshire - twice.

The first venue was McIlroys Ballroom in Swindon. The second was Salisbury Plain.

They played in a spacious hall above the department store which once stood on Regent Street in the town centre.

At this early stage in the Fab Four's career, new manager Brian Epstein was determined that they increase their profile around the country by way of relentless touring. When the boys rolled into Swindon they were nearing the end of a punishing string of 61 consecutive gigs.

Salisbury Journal: The Swindon billing for The Beatles The Swindon billing for The Beatles

The band's final visit to Wiltshire came in May 1965 when alongside actor Leo McKern they shot a scene for their second film 'Help!' on Salisbury Plain. The band stayed at the Antrobus Arms Hotel in nearby Amesbury for the duration of the filming.