HAVE you seen the snake in Victoria Park?

Children and staff at Ladybirds Preschool, working with Salisbury City Council, have brought a snake to life in the gardens along Castle Road, through painting and lining up stones.

With an aim to "spread a bit of joy", residents and passers-by can now enjoy the spectacle and interact with the snake by swapping, moving or adding stones.

Since its launch in the middle of March, the snake has already grown a significant amount in length.

Salisbury Journal: The Community Rock Snake two weeks after its launchThe Community Rock Snake two weeks after its launch

Ladybirds chairperson and organiser of the 'community rock snake', Clare Wooler, said the project would "spread a bit of joy and excitement in the community".

She said: "We used to work closely, before lockdown, with nursing homes because we want to be able to do anything that ties in with the community.

"People are now spending more time in the park, as it's a location with more open air, and this line of stones individually painted by school children will invite people to join and add to it."

The preschool children also hid 14 ladybird rocks in the park, one of which is gold. The person who finds the gold rock will win an enamel pin, donated by Rose Vigor of RV pins, and chocolate treats.

"This is a really nice thing for people to have when they can't see family and friends," Clare added.

"We have got a sign to encourage people to swap or donate rocks - we're asking people to let the snake grow and grow."

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