ONE lamp post was "reduced to rubble" and another "destroyed beyond recognition" after a car crash in Laverstock, according to an electrician who was quickly on the scene.

Electrician Anthony Goddard, who lives just around the corner from where the crash took place on Monday, says he arrived at the scene fairly early, and volunteered to make the power cables from the lamp posts safe.

He says two lamp posts were hit by the car on the corner of Cow Lane and Laverstock Road.

Two men fled the scene after a Vauxhall Zafira was left missing one of its front wheels by the crash, which took place at around 5pm yesterday (April 5).

Laverstock Road crash

Laverstock Road crash

'Destroyed beyond recognition'

He added: "It was actually two lamp posts, a brand new galvanised one by the bridge and an older concrete one further down at the end of Cow Lane, as well as an illuminated road sign.

"The concrete lamp post was reduced to rubble and the steel one destroyed beyond recognition."

Police are appealing for witnesses and want to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of the two men.

If anyone can help, call 101 quoting log 199 of April 5.

Wiltshire Police has been contacted for comment.

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