CRANBORNE Middle School has been recognised for its arts and cultural education with a prestigious award.

The school has received the Artsmark Gold Award, which is the only creative quality standard for schools accredited by Arts Council England.

Head teacher Richard Stevens said: “We’re extremely proud of achieving our Artsmark Gold Award. We are committed to delivering a high-quality arts and cultural education and we look forward to continue to grow with Artsmark.”

It supports them to develop and celebrate arts and cultural education across the whole curriculum, bringing learning to life for children and young people.

In order to achieve the award, Cranborne Middle School had to develop its arts and culture provision to embed a broad and balanced curriculum.

This, it says, was achieved by creating an overall plan that was committed to and delivered across the whole school.

The school was supported by the Real Ideas Bridge Organisation in planning and developing their objectives.

The Bridge organisation worked alongside the school at various stages to support its Artsmark Award achievement.

The Artsmark assessor commended the school on engaging with the Arts as it was having measurable effects on pupils, staff and parental engagement.

He said: “Throughout the school, pupils can experience a local, consistent range of arts and cultural experiences in and out of the classroom that lead to showcasing opportunities in school.

“Your use of Arts Award throughout the school is very positive, giving pupil’s choices within their own learning, and has a high uptake.”

Dr Darren Henley OBE, the chief executive of the Arts Council England, said: “I would like to congratulate Cranborne Middle School on their Artsmark Award.

“Becoming an Artsmark school demonstrates that through offering a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, young people have the opportunity to develop character and resilience, increasing their knowledge, curiosity and skills that will remain with them through to adult life.”

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