A farm in Salisbury featured on national TV today (April 8) to raise awareness of rare breeds at risk of extinction.

This morning BBC Breakfast was live at Cholderton Park Farm, which is home to a variety of rare breeds of native farm animals, from Norfolk Horn sheep and Kerri Hills to Baggot goats and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs.

Manager Daniel McSorley showed reporter Fiona Lamdin around, introducing their rare breeds to millions of Breakfast viewers.

The aim of the report was to explain how the best way to protect these animals is to eat their meat.

Christopher Price, Chief Executive of Rare Breeds Survival Trust, told the BBC: "All these animals came into being to meet human needs, whether that's providing us food or clothing, in terms of wool or transportation so if you're buying meat, look out for a native breed and if you're buying wool, look out for native breed wool."

You can watch the full segment on BBC iPlayer.

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