A NEW piece of artwork has been unveiled to celebrate the life of the late Prince Philip.

Named ‘Stamp Duty Too’ the “fully immersive piece quite literally comes alive” as you point your phone or tablet at it.

It was created by street artist CHAWK and augmented reality artist Marc Marot, and celebrates the Duke of Edinburgh’s life of public service.

Fusing cutting edge augmented reality technology with classic portrait painting techniques, the unique piece consists of thousands of photographs put together in animation activated through the free Artivive app.

The painstaking work behind the piece involved CHAWK photographing over 4,000 brush strokes as he painted.

The duo seek to bring new technology to figurative painting, changing the way we consume art.

The painting is the first to be released from a new body of work entitled “ICONS”.

An interactive exhibition of the work will take place in September at the new Archive Gallery in Salisbury.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Marc Marot said: “Street artist CHAWK and I have been working for some time on an exhibition focusing on 12 iconic people we mutually feel attracted to.

"The exhibition is slated to open in September in Salisbury.

“We chose to paint portraits of both The Queen and Prince Philip as we have such huge respect for their public service in the face of huge intrusion these days.”

"We hadn’t intended to reveal any of this to the public until such time that Covid allowed us to confirm the opening of our exhibition in the autumn, however events have overtaken us and we share this painting of Prince Philip with enormous respect and thanks for his massive contribution to British society.”

CHAWK said: “In this painting, Prince Philip is young and in his prime; the energy of the piece reflects that. The painting quite literally explodes with colour and music as you see it take shape.”

The interactive artists were inspired by early films which made the audience think a train would literally burst out of the screen as it sped towards them.

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