ANTISOCIAL behaviour, charity money being stolen, daffodils being taken from the roadside, and an assault on a bus driver were just some of the incidents reported to police over the last two months.

The latest report for March in Fordingbridge, which was given to Fordingbridge Town Council, showed there were 84 total occurrences reported - 44 of these were recordable as crimes.

Antisocial behaviour and violence

There were five incidents of antisocial behaviour, three relating to neighbour disputes, another about people linked to drugs and one of a person revving a bike.

Seven incidents of violence against the person were recorded. One incident was a report of a fight between people known to each other, another of an employer being assaulted by an employee, two relating to residents in a care home and three that were domestic related.

Burglaries and thefts

One dwelling burglary was reported where a home owner returned to find rear doors open but nothing is believed to have been taken. Six non-dwelling burglaries were recorded, including three involving items being taken from outbuildings.

No shoplifting incidents were reported but there were five thefts which included the historical theft of a parcel, one of charity money being taken from a locked building, another of daffodils being taken from the roadside, and the theft of a petrol hedge trimmer from a garden while work was being carried out.

There was also two vehicle thefts where a van and ride on mower were stolen and seven incidents of damage. These included a gas meter door being broken, an abandoned caravan being damaged by youths, a rear windscreen being smashed while driving, a van rear window being broken, and damage to a school window, as well as a side window to a flat being damaged and another relating to a domestic incident.

Crimes reported in February

February saw a total of 68 occurrences - 24 of which were recordable as crimes.

These included eight incidents of antisocial behaviour, four of violence against the person, which included an incident at a care home and an assault on a bus driver, and one non-dwelling burglary where a garage and van was entered and tools taken.

Other incidents reported included one of shoplifting at a supermarket, a theft of bin bags from outside a residential property, and three thefts from motor vehicles. There was also two vehicle thefts where a van was taken from a car park and a 4x4 from a rural location.

Calls for greater police presence

Mayor Edward Hale said there were “some worrying things” on the reports especially the attack on a bus driver.

Councillor Brian Perkins echoed his previous concerns that more of a police presence was needed on the ground in Fordingbridge.

“It would good for us to see some police in Fordingbridge. When you do see them they are only driving around in a car," added Cllr Perkins.

He said there had been more traffic wardens walking around than police.

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