FIREFIGHTERS are calling for people to respect New Forest and take their rubbish home after a fire last night (April 17).

A Tweet posted by Ringwood Fire Station warned that it "could have turned into a much larger incident". 

A fire crew from Ringwood was called to a car park in Moyles Court in Rockford after rubbish was set on fire.

A post on the Ringwood Fire Station Twitter said: "Last night we were called to discarded rubbish that had been left in the car park of Moyles Court, Rockford and set fire to.

"This needless waste of resources and lack of respect for the forest could have turned into a much larger incident.

"After extinguishing the fire we picked up the remainder of the rubbish and brought it back to our station to dispose of responsibly.

"If you are visiting the forest please take all your rubbish home with you and remember that BBQs or fires of any kind are not allowed."

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