WHITES manager Steve Claridge says football supporters have been "betrayed" by plans to start a European Super League.

It comes after the announcement that six English clubs have signed up to join the controversial breakaway project.

In total, 12 clubs have so far agreed to join as founding members of the tournament, with three more expected to also sign up, which will eventually feature 20 teams as an annual midweek competition set to rival the Champions League.

Salisbury boss Claridge posted on Twitter to make his opposition to the new league clear.

He said: "To every steward at Spurs, every tea lady at Arsenal, every pensioner at Chelsea, the kit man and groundsman at City, to Bill Shankly and sir Matt Busby, to all supporters of these clubs, you have been betrayed."

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham have put their names to the competition, to widespread condemnation from across the English game, from former players and from politicians.

Salisbury FC has also stated its own opposition to the announcement.

Manchester United co-chairman Joel Glazer will also be vice-chairman of the Super League, which the founding members would be guaranteed qualification for.

That in particular will anger many fans, especially with United having qualified for the Champions League in just two of the last five seasons.

While Arsenal have not finished in the top four since 2015-16 and Tottenham have never won the Premier League.

These English clubs would now be guaranteed a seat among the elite.

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