LABOUR says it is "lifting its game" to challenge the "divided and wasteful Tories" at the upcoming elections.

The party says it is standing its "most talented candidates in decades", in a bid to join long-standing councillor Ian McLennan, Wiltshire party leader, Ricky Rogers, and Salisbury Mayor Elect, Caroline Corbin on Wiltshire Council.

In its manifesto, titled "Wiltshire Deserves Better", Labour says it is committed to "a long-term programme to rebuild the quality and range of public services, create a dynamic and environmentally sustainable economy, and ensure open and accountable local government."

To achieve this, it says it will "work in partnership with ethical and non-profit organisations and engage with the people of Wiltshire to set the priorities for change."

Nine essential steps

In the manifesto is nine "essential steps" to delivering the party's vision.

These include creating a "dynamic" local economy, action to address the climate emergency - which it says is the country's "most serious challenge", and meeting local housing needs.

Clare Moody said: “It is very exciting to see the people standing as Labour candidates in this election.

"The range and depth of experience and the commitment to public service that they bring means Salisbury and south Wiltshire voters will get strong, principled and dedicated representatives in Wiltshire and the City councils through voting Labour in this election.”

Cllr Ricky Rogers added: "In past elections we have spread ourselves really thin, we have upped our game, this time we are targeting seats especially in Salisbury and south Wiltshire where the Tories are hopelessly divided and waste taxpayer’s money. It’s time to replace the same tired local leadership”.

Labour is also fielding two 18-year-old candidates: A-level student Finn Anderson (Redlynch and Landford), and drama student, Seamus Green (Wilton).

To read the Labour manifesto in full, click here.

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