TWO former soldiers have set up a new dog training business in Bulford.

Father and son duo Michael (Spike) and Steve Forbes both worked as dog handlers during their military careers, and are now using that experience to start their own company - Forbes Dog Training.

Spike and Steve (61 and 37), have more than 50 years of military service between them, and more than 30 years of working with dogs.

The business started trading at the beginning of February, and the guys said: "Even we have been surprised at how popular we are, in such a very short period of time."

Company logo

Company logo

'Dog training fanatics'

Steve has now given his notice to his previous job, such is the early demand on the company.

Until now, Steve had been working weekends and some evenings, while Spike has been working full time, six days a week.

They say they are both dog training "fanatics", and previously competed in Obedience, Agility and Protection competitions while serving in the Army.

They said: "The competition was fierce and both being extremely competitive, we studied all the latest methods of training to get an edge over our competitors.

"We believe it’s that competition back then that has brought us to where we are now."

Spike and Steve. Pictures from Forbes Dog Training Facebook page

Spike and Steve. Pictures from Forbes Dog Training Facebook page

'Leaders in the field'

Both men had to update their skills to prepare them for this new venture.

They said: "Pet dogs live differently from military dogs, so there was a fair bit of bridging that gap in knowledge required.

"Forbes Dog Training has very quickly established itself as leaders in its field and are achieving a lot of success with the behaviour modification side of things."

They say they have very quickly "become the go-to company for reactive dogs".

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