"PLEASE report anything suspicious immediately to the police," that is the message from officers in East Dorset.

This comes after a person was disturbed at an address in Verwood on Monday (April 19) and police suspect they were trying to steal a catalytic converter.

Police also say that on Wednesday, April 21 a suspicious dark coloured hatchback vehicle was seen on Bridle Way, Colehill.

The police helicopter was deployed as it was believed that the occupants of the vehicle were involved in stealing catalytic converters, but the vehicle and persons were not found.

A post on the East Dorset Police Facebook page said: "These crime have a huge impact on the victims both financially and cause a great deal of inconvenience.

"The vehicles that are targeted are usually Hondas. If you own a Honda please consider where you park your car, a garage if possible or within the view of CCTV.

"Help us to prevent these crimes or even better to bring the offenders to justice.

We need your help and please keep your eyes peeled and report incidents to us."

The post added: "Please report anything suspicious immediately to the police online or via 101. If a crime is in progress dial 999."

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