FOR the first time ever, there will be a full slate of Green Party candidates at the local elections.

The party is standing in all 24 city council seats, and all eight seats on Wiltshire Council.

More Greens will also be standing for Wiltshire Council across south Wiltshire, including in Downton, Alderbury, Laverstock, Old Sarum, Redlynch, Wilton and Winterslow.

Priorities include a need for greener housing, and the reintroduction of the People Friendly Streets scheme.

Left to right: Susan Alexander, Alex Raws, Lorna Wilson

Left to right: Susan Alexander, Alex Raws, Lorna Wilson

People Friendly Streets

The party says it will fight to reintroduce a new version of People Friendly Streets in Salisbury.

It says: "With the easing of lockdown, cars have now returned to dominate our shopping streets, and motorists can once again use our medieval City centre as an urban rat run, with over 80 per cent just driving straight through, causing more congestion and higher pollution for local residents.

"The lack of commitment to tackling congestion and poor air quality has highlighted the Conservatives' inability to run our City for the benefit of us all.

"Across Britain each year, in excess of 28,000 deaths are attributed to air pollution, with one study suggesting a death toll of 64,000.

"That should prompt a much stronger political response than we are seeing from our City Council and from Wiltshire."

Rick Page

Rick Page


The party says that the planned house building in Wiltshire - including the ones in Harnham - exceeds government targets and is "way more than is actually required".

They say the county needs new social rented homes and affordable properties to buy, particularly for younger people, not what they describe as "high price properties to maximise profits for developers and speculators".

Local Greens are "opposing this development, just as we have opposed other unsuitable developments in the past, like that which was planned for Britford Water Meadows", adding: "We have put in objections to Wiltshire's new Local Plan, and will continue to fight inappropriate speculative development, in Harnham and elsewhere in the county.

"Appropriate planning policies are essential to combatting climate change and building a better future for us all."

They want to see all new housing built to zero carbon standards, with "top class insulation, solar panels and pollution-free heat pumps - cutting bills and cutting pollution".

Peter Meadows

Peter Meadows

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