A 27-year-old man has been found guilty of stabbing his father at his home near Salisbury.

Kyle Thomas, of Lapham Vale, had not spoken to his dad Christopher in over a year when on June 2, 2020 he attacked him in his garden in Porton.

During a two-day trial at Winchester Crown Court, a jury heard that Thomas turned up unexpected at his father’s bungalow on Southbourne Way, holding “a big heavy brick”.

He then grabbed a knife and stabbed him multiple times before the police arrived.

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Thomas was initially charged with attempted murder but due to the state of his mental health, he was convicted of wounding with intent.

The jury was asked to decide whether Thomas had inflicted the wounds on his dad without trying to establish why he did so.

‘He looked like he lost the plot’

Thomas’s sister, who lived with his dad, said her brother “looked like he lost the plot” when she opened the door to him on June 2.

“He looked a bit different, he’d lost weight, he looked not right, not healthy.

“He was carrying a big, heavy brick,” she said.

After asking where his father was, Thomas grabbed a knife and went into the garden.

There, he stabbed him multiple times causing injuries to his chest, side and thumb.

“He was shouting, swearing, saying he wants me to let him live his life – we haven’t spoken in a year and a half,” Mr Thomas said.

His sister intervened to remove the knife from him and hide it in the house.

When the police and ambulance arrived, Mr Thomas was holding his son to the ground.

“I managed to keep him still on the floor and then the police came and I noticed I was bleeding a lot,” he said.

Following the attack, Mr Thomas was taken to A&E at Southampton General Hospital.

‘No doubt’ Thomas caused the wounds

Giving evidence in court, Thomas’s sister said she was “100 per cent sure” that her brother had caused the wounds.

“When I was on the phone at first I wasn’t sure it was a stabbing but I knew [my dad] had a stab wound in his chest,” she said.

Mr Thomas told the court he initially thought he was being punched before realising his son was actually stabbing him.

Judge Susan Evans QC asked the jury to decide whether Thomas had inflicted the stab wounds on his father.

In just a few minutes, the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

Thomas was unable to attend his trial as he is currently in hospital.

He will be sentenced this afternoon.

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