A NEW hospitality venue complete with courtyard, roof terrace, street food and live music opportunities is coming to Salisbury, with plans to open in line with the next lockdown lift.

The new establishment, to be called 'Brown Street', will take the place of the Alzheimer's Society building along Brown Street, which has now been demolished.

The open space is currently being transformed into a courtyard with room for seating, three street food caterers and a platform for live music and DJs.

The space will then connect to a bar area inside The Chapel Nightclub building, Sarum 76.

Food and drink area aiming to be 'new and different'

This is the latest venture by Amanda Newbery, who co-owns The Chapel, Vestry and The Duke of York with her brother Jonty, who wanted to bring a new type of hospitality to the city.

Preparing to launch the new business around May 17 - when it is anticipated indoor hospitality will be given the green light - Amanda compared her vision for 'Brown Street' to Pop Brixton in London, adding it will attract students by bringing something "new and different" to the area.

"When Alzheimer's Society moved out last year we realised that we had an opportunity to create a really cool, pandemic-friendly hospitality area," Amanda said.

She added: "I shared the idea with the team and together we have come up with these ideas to create a space where everybody can socialise safely."

Talking about Covid-19, Amanda said she believes there will soon by apps and methods in which residents can prove they have been either tested or vaccinated, adding: "Ultimately we need to make sure we come back to socialising in the safest way we can - we never want to shut down like this again.

"With the street food offer as well, we think this is something people will love."

'We have got to get open'

To make the build a reality, a planning application was submitted to Wiltshire Council which asked for permission to "demolish the existing building, and erect gates and railings as modification to front facade to facilitate use of land as a hospitality area".

According to Wiltshire Council's website however, the application is still 'under consultation', but Amanda and the Knightwood Leisure team have gone ahead with the construction.

She added: "We have got to get open - we have been closed for a year and a bit, and now the sun is shining and we want to get open as soon as we can.

"We'll have to see what happens."

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