A man who stabbed his father after turning up at his house near Salisbury with a brick will be detained in hospital indefinitely.

Kyle Thomas, of Lapham Vale, was today (April 27) sentenced for the "very serious" attack on his father Christopher in June last year.

Winchester Crown Court heard that, at the time of the attack, the 27-year-old had been suffering from mental health disorders, including schizophrenia, and had delusional beliefs about his father.

After showing up at his home in Porton "looking like he lost the plot", Thomas grabbed a knife and inflicted wounds that "had they been in a slightly different position could have been fatal," the court heard.

Due to his mental health problems, after a short time in custody, Thomas was transferred to a medium secure hospital where he's been receiving treatment since last July.

Although he has no "significant" previous convictions, "for his own well-being and the protection of the public", he has been issued with an order, which will see him remain in hospital for an unlimited period of time.

‘He looked like he lost the plot’

On June 2, 2020 Thomas turned up unexpected at his father’s bungalow on Southbourne Way in Porton holding “a big heavy brick”.

His sister, who lived with his dad, said Thomas “looked like he lost the plot” when she opened the door to him.

“He looked a bit different, he’d lost weight, he looked not right, not healthy.

“He was carrying a big, heavy brick,” she told officers.

After asking where his father was, Thomas grabbed a knife and went into the garden.

There, he stabbed him multiple times causing injuries to his chest, side and thumb.

“He was shouting, swearing, saying he wants me to let him live his life – we haven’t spoken in a year and a half,” Mr Thomas said.

His sister intervened to remove the knife from him and hide it in the house.

When the police and ambulance arrived, Mr Thomas was holding his son to the ground.

“I managed to keep him still on the floor and then the police came and I noticed I was bleeding a lot,” he said.

Sentence is 'not a punishment'

Judge Susan Evans QC said Thomas had a history of mental health problems.

When he attacked his father, she was "satisfied" that he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

He was initially charged with attempted murder but due to the state of his mental health, he was convicted of wounding with intent.

He was unable to attend court as he is currently being detained and treated in hospital and he didn't enter a plea as he wasn't fit to stand trial.

Although Mr Thomas recovered fairly speedily from his injuries, Judge Evans described the attack as "very serious" as "any one of those wounds had they been in a slightly different position could have been fatal".

Despite the lack of "significant" previous convictions, Thomas has recently been involved in an altercation with other patients and has assaulted a fellow resident, the judge said.

Thomas was issued with a hospital order without limit of time.

This is "on the basis there is no clear view at the moment as to when he will no longer represent a danger to the public".

Sentencing, Judge Evans said: "This is not a punishment.

"It's for Mr Thomas's own well-being and the protection of the public."

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