OUR Photograph this week is from April 1960 and shows scouts from Salisbury and district marching along Winchester Street on their way to a service at the Methodist Community Church.

I am grateful to John Kerley who sent me the corresponding clipping from a local newspaper:-

The annual St George’s Day parade of Boy Scouts from Salisbury and the surrounding villages, was held on Sunday afternoon, in commemoration of their founder, Sir Robert Baden-Powell.

The parade of about 400, comprising rover crews, scout troops and cub packs, assembled in the Market Place and then marched via Winchester Street to the Methodist Community Church in St Edmunds Church Street.

The parade was under the command of the District Commissioner, Mr Jack Wort.

At the service, conducted by the Rev E Dover, a scout and a cub read their laws and promises, and Mr Dover gave a short address.

After the service the parade re-formed, and marched to the Greencroft, where they dismissed.

A report in the Salisbury Journal of December 1909 stated that The Salisbury and District Council of General Sir R. Baden Powell’s scouts was now strongly established, and had received official recognition from the headquarters in London.

The Salisbury District Hon Secretary was Mr Pye-Smith and the local headquarters was at the Y.M.C.A in Winchester Street, the Association having placed the rooms at the council’s disposal.

Four troops had applied for registration in 1909, the 1st Salisbury Scouts (Y.M.C.A.), two troops: the 2nd Salisbury Scouts (Fisherton), and the Bulford Scouts.

Other Wiltshire troops and patrols were also in the process of formation.

It was claimed the training which the boys received was not to be overestimated and they were being educated to provide the country with a national asset.


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