COULD one of these adorable dogs looking for a forever home steal your heart?

Although Dogs Trust Salisbury isn’t open for public browsing it's still rehoming and taking in dogs.

Claire Rowe, the rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Salisbury, said: “Four adorable dogs looking for their forever homes this month are Buddy, Brodus, Tassy and Wolf.

"They’re all very different but the one thing they have in common is the desire to find a loving family and a sofa to call their own."


Wolf is a two-year-old Pomeranian cross looking for a very special but specific home environment with experienced owners.

He is a sensitive but cheeky boy, and, in time, will be a wonderful companion.

He has a lot of love to give but is worried about letting his guard down so he’ll need plenty of time to form a bond with his new owners who will need to understand that there may always be things he finds a little scary.

Salisbury Journal:

Wolf is looking for an adult-only home with a maximum of two adults.

His new owners will need to be patient and be prepared to continue with the training and behaviour plans he’s been working so hard on.

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Tassy is a beautiful eight-year-old Collie Spaniel cross who's looking for her special forever home.

She likes to be in the company of her humans and will need a home where someone can be around throughout the day.

Her dream home would have her own good-sized, secure garden where she can relax, explore and play safely off-lead.

Salisbury Journal:

Tassy must be the only dog in an adult only home, with no visiting children. She can't live with cats or other small furries.

She loves nothing more than getting outside for a quiet walk in the countryside and enjoys exploring and having a good sniff without having to worry about other dogs.

She knows her basic training and is fully house-trained but is always ready to show how clever she is, especially for a tasty treat or playtime with her favourite tennis ball.

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Handsome Brodus is a six-year-old Rottweiler.

He enjoys practising his training with his handlers and is always eager to learn new tricks.

He can be a little nervous meeting new people but does come around once he’s met them a few times.

Salisbury Journal:

Brodus is a sensitive guy and is looking for an adult home with minimal visitors and no visiting children, to build up a bond.

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Buddy is a six-year-old English Bulldog cross who is looking for a patient adult-only home.

He's an intelligent boy who enjoys learning new things so he’d love his new family to dedicate time to his training in his new home.

Buddy loves his food, sometimes a little too much, and is definitely partial to a tasty treat, which is ideal for building up a bond during training.

Salisbury Journal:

He is looking for owners who live within an hour’s drive of the rehoming centre and who are at home for most of the day, at least initially, until he’s settled and time alone can be built up gradually.

He'd enjoy having his own secure garden where he can explore and play safely off-lead.

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What to do next

To find out more about giving any of the four dogs featured a home visit the Dogs Trust Salisbury website or call 01509 880 070.

Foster carers needed

Dogs Trust Salisbury is also in need of people to come forward to foster a dog.

The charity is predicting more people will be left with no other choice but to hand their dog into their care in the fallout of the coronavirus crisis.  

Over the past year, it says, the rehoming centre has been overwhelmed with foster carer applications and have been able to place many dogs who were struggling in kennels during lockdown into temporary homes.

Salisbury Journal:

PICTURED: Jo Heather is a foster carer for Dogs Trust Salisbury

However, Dogs Trust Salisbury still has some dogs waiting to go into a foster home. Because of this, the charity is now recruiting for new foster carers.

If you can help contact

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