A "shocked" witness has described seeing a car "up on its side" in a baffling traffic incident in Salisbury city centre.

The vehicle has ended up on its side - seemingly wedged on two wheels against the side of another vehicle. 

UPDATE - More pictures and police explanation in full

Police were at the scene in Crane Bridge Road near Queen Elizabeth Gardens. 

A witness who drove past the scene at around 12.15pm said: "I was in the queue about 10 cars behind it.

"I didn't see it happen, I just saw a car up on its side.

"I was quite shocked, I don't understand how a car can get in that position."

According to the witness, police officers at the scene are filtering traffic while dealing with the bizarre blockage.

A photograph of the scene shows an Ashley Wood recovery vehicle in attendance to assist, as well as a police vehicle closing off the road.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called shortly before midday today (April 30) to a report of a road traffic collision on Cranebridge Road where a vehicle, a Ford Fiesta, had hit a parked car close to the junction of Elizabeth Gardens.

"The ambulance service also attended but no injuries were reported and the vehicle was being recovered."

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