A bench and special plaque are to be installed in Queen Elizabeth Gardens to honour the memory of Aneta and Nikoleta Zdun. 

The mum and daughter were brutally killed by their husband and father on the afternoon of June 1 last year in their home on Wessex Road.

A JustGiving page, which raised £1,040, was set up by a neighbour, who witnessed the attack, to fund the memorial.

Cameron Pratt, who lives opposite the home on Wessex Road, said: “I’d been a neighbour with them for about three years. 

“They always kept themselves to themselves but they always said hello when we saw them and we saw them leave for school every morning.”

Salisbury Journal: Aneta and Nikoleta ZdunAneta and Nikoleta Zdun

Cameron said he was “so happy” that work on the memorials had started before Nikoleta’s birthday, and before the one year anniversary of the murders. 

He added: “I hope everyone will pay their respects at the memorial whenever they want.”

Marcin Zdun, 40, was sentenced to a minimum jail term of 34 years after being found guilty of the murders.

During a trial at Winchester Crown Court last December, the jury heard from neighbours and workmen who witnessed the horrific attack on the Wessex Care worker and Wiltshire College student and intervened to rescue Aneta’s younger children who also witnessed her mum and eldest sister being killed.

Cameron, 27, was one of them.

The memorial, he says, would be a place where “people can sit and enjoy remembering [Aneta and Nikoleta] for who they were, not remember them as the Wessex Road murder victims”.

A spokesperson from Salisbury Community Policing Team, who backed the fundraiser, said: “The memorial will give their friends, neighbours, and relatives who may not be able to visit their graves in Poland an opportunity to grieve and remember them.”

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