WITH a gain of five extra seats in Salisbury, newly elected Liberal Democrat councillors are "delighted" to see "diversity and more representation" in the latest make up of the city council.

As part of the Local Elections 24 new city councillors were elected in Salisbury on May 9, resulting in 11 Conservative, six Labour and six Liberal Democrat councillors and one Independent.

This means the Conservatives are no longer the majority in the authority.

One of the newly elected councillors for Sarum St Pauls ward, Victoria Charleston, said Covid-19 rules meant the Lib Dems could not speak to as many residents as they would have liked to in the election lead up, however she is "delighted" with the result for the party, across both Salisbury and Wiltshire councils.

She said: "Obviously we're absolutely delighted with the result for Lib Dems across Salisbury and Wiltshire, we've worked really hard to speak to as many people as possible in difficult times and listen to what they want.

"People are frustrated and that is represented in the votes.

"We [Lib Dems] met as a group [Monday night] and we're just so excited with lots of ideas."

Talking about the political mix across the city council, Cllr Charleston added: "We're really keen to work with the other parties to achieve the best for Salisbury.

"As a group we are ambitious and we want to work with the people of Salisbury where we can.

"I am pleased to see some diversity, some younger representatives, some with kids, really fresh faces, and it is just so exciting to get stuck in."

Cllr Charleston was elected in Sarum St Pauls alongside husband Samuel and Conservative Mary Webb.

Local Elections 2021 at Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre - Victoria and Samuel Charleston

Local Elections 2021 at Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre - Victoria and Samuel Charleston

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Alan Bayliss, a new Lib Dem councillor for Salisbury Milford ward, echoed the views of Cllr Charleston, adding his election to the council "still hasn't sunken in".

He said: "We have ended the majority control of the council so it is now more representative and shows that Salisbury wanted change.

"It is great we have such a mix, it may or may not be a challenge but it will be great to work together and get things done. We're open to working with anyone who has the best interests for Salisbury."

Improving transport infrastructure for walkers and cyclists and tackling speeding issues are just some of Cllr Bayliss' priorities during his time on the council.

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