The Green Party has blamed First Past the Post for the lack of party representation in Wiltshire.

In the local elections the party gained eight per cent of the vote which they say would net them seven councillors under proportional representation.

In 12 wards the party placed second and accrued 32 per cent of the vote in Devizes Rural West.

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The Green Partys Cllr Dec Baseley who will represent Chippenham Pewsham on the town council

The Green Party's Cllr Dec Baseley who will represent Chippenham Pewsham on the town council

A spokesman for the party said the voting system was outdated, adding: "The lack of representation of Green-voters on Wiltshire Council is likely to give sub-optimal results, especially as we enter times of climate-related emergencies.

"The residents of Wiltshire would be better served by a council embracing a diversity of views."

Dec Baseley, who was elected to Chippenham Town Council said: “It’s an absolute privilege to have been elected as the sole Green councillor for Chippenham town.

"The climate-conscious people of my community have been unrepresented for far too long. I hope they finally feel that they’ve been given a voice. I’m proud to be taking action to make a difference for my community.”

Despite winning no seat on the unitary authority, the party says it will continue to engage with the community and "offer a positive vision for Wiltshire’s future".

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