A multi-award winning free-range egg producer and packer that have excelled in the farming world for over 40 years, if you are looking for delicious, healthy and beautiful looking eggs, then St Ewe Free Range Eggs is the establishment for you.

Nestled in the beautiful Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, with an everlasting love for eggs, a passion for welfare and an obsession for good food and nutrition, their knowledgeable and devoted team continue to produce the very best by developing unique brands, being mindful of the environment and making sure their hens’ welfare comes first, every time.

For example, all St Ewe eggs come from free-range hens that are given plenty of space to roam in clean, fresh air, as well as being fed bespoke nutritious feed from the UK’s leading poultry feed, Humphrey Feeds and Pullets. 

Consistently monitored on their health and productivity, the hens eggs are collected by hand just after the hatches open every morning and are then separated by at least 75 per cent of the cracked and misshapen eggs, before being packaged in 100 per cent recycled and recyclable egg cartons.

Salisbury Journal:

British Lion Code Accredited, RSPCA Assured and Vegetarian Society approved, with family values at heart, they even offer catering and retail packs for trade across their range including the finest pasteurised British liquid egg as whole, white or yolk, with delivery available through regional and national wholesalers.

It is through forming these strong relationships with like-minded farmers that allow them to build a secure future and a guaranteed market for other family farms in the UK, while continuing to produce their own eggs at home in the way that has always proven to be successful.

Not forgetting that by visiting their online shop, you can order St Ewe original eggs, rich yolk eggs, super egg whites, super eggs, hen picked eggs and pasteurised free range egg whites.

Just recently, they have repurposed a hen house due to running out of space and would like to sell the nest boxes and electric equipment that goes with it.

SKA Auto Nest Box system for 3700 free range birds

52 nest boxes 56cm deep, 120cm long

frame mounted, curtains available for the first level, buyer to remove

Selling due to repurposing the shed to a packaging store

If interested, call 01872 530320 to arrange a viewing (please adhere to their biosecurity measures when visiting).

Alternatively. If you are interested in joining their family and becoming a producer, you can get in touch via email or phone to learn more about joining the flock.

They are also currently looking for nominations for Best Food Producer in the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2021, with a closing date of Monday 17 May. 

For more information about the hens, eggs or any of their processes, visit: steweeggs.com

Phone: 01872 530320

Email: office@stewe.co.uk

Instagram: @steweeggs

Address: Ventonwyn Farm