Offering the first dose of a Covid vaccine to all adults by the end of July is “doable” but depends on vaccine supply.

That’s the view of Fiona Hyett, the director of the large-scale vaccination site at City Hall.

More than 40,000 vaccinations have been given at the venue on Malthouse Lane since it became operational in January.

Staff are now rolling out a mixture of first and second doses.

Asked whether the Government’s target of offering the first dose of the jab to all adults by July 31 looks doable, Mrs Hyett said: “I think it’s a doable task, it’s not an easy task and there’s a lot of work to be done but I do think it’s doable.

Salisbury Journal: Fiona HyettFiona Hyett

“The main challenge in all of that is always vaccine supply and that’s subject to a whole variety of factors that are outside many people’s control so providing vaccine supply does keep coming through, even if it’s lumpy, then I think it’s a doable task.

“It’s a much quicker group to vaccinate as you go down [the age range], people can come through quicker and it’s potentially easier for them to travel to different sites.”

Last week, Mrs Hyett revealed that staff and volunteers at City Hall were hoping to roll out the Pfizer/BioNTech jab alongside Oxford/AstraZeneca in the next few weeks.

That was to allow under 30s to get their jab at the site.

However, on Friday May 7, the Government announced that, from now on, those aged under 40 should also be offered an alternative to AstraZeneca.

Although City Hall is set up for the “safe and efficient” delivery of both vaccines in the same space, staff say they are not expecting to roll out the Pfizer vaccine until next week.

They are asking members of the public to remain patient and wait for their turn.

This week vaccinations have also been taking place at Leaden Hall in the Cathedral Close.

The venue, run by GP practices from the Sarum South Primary Care Network, opened on Thursday May 6, taking over from Salisbury Cathedral.

On Monday May 10, a vaccination bus started its tour across Wiltshire, visiting areas where the uptake of the vaccine has been lower.

The service is available to those unable to travel to a vaccination centre or people who have been hesitant, having been offered the jab previously.

Details of where and when the bus will be will be communicated directly to the communities that are most affected.

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