SALISBURY Escape Rooms is bringing "fun and adventure" back as it puts teams of players to the test once more.

The attraction in Fisherton Street, which is now under new ownership, started up again last week after the latest lockdown restrictions were eased.

The Escape Rooms challenge players to solve different clues and activities in an allotted time.

Welcoming back players

Gamemaster Maisie Anderson said: "We had a really good opening weekend. We had lots of groups in who haven't been able to play the games in a long time.

"We had some first times and some returning customers which was lovely.

"It has been really nice to have people in and enjoying themselves."

Salisbury Escape Rooms reopens in Fisherton Street

Salisbury Escape Rooms reopens in Fisherton Street

Death at the Lab

Salisbury Escape Rooms was set up in 2015 with a crime solving theme by three former detectives Matthew Johnson, Gordie Howsego and Pete Waugh.

The game scenario, Death at the Lab, is still running giving people another opportunity to give it a go after lockdown meant players were unable to during much of 2020.

But new game scenarios are in the pipeline for the future.

"We are going to change the room eventually but at the moment we are playing it by ear to make sure everybody gets the chance to play this really fab game before it gets retired," added Maisie.

"There have been a few loose discussions about themes that we might want to go with in the future but nothing solid just yet."

Salisbury Escape Rooms reopens in Fisherton Street

Salisbury Escape Rooms reopens in Fisherton Street

The team have been getting tips and advice from the previous owners who have been helping with training on the current game to ease the transition.

There can be up to six players in a team taking on the Escape Room challenge.

"It brings back a sense of adventure and fun after a year of being stuck in our own homes and not being able to see friends.

"We are providing an opportunity for you to do something fun with up to five other friends."

Covid safety measures

A number of Covid safety measures will be in place.

Participants will be required to wear face coverings while playing the game and there will be hand sanitising stations and gloves will be provided for those who want them.

After each team has finished the props that are regularly handled will be swapped out for ones that have been sanitised. Touch points in the rooms will also get cleaned and sanitised.

Maisie said: "We are making sure when people come they feel safe and confident and don't need to worry and can just concentrate on having fun."

Salisbury Journal:

The reaction so far

The reaction from groups so far has been "really positive" and there were "a lot of happy customers".

"It was lovely to see groups of friends being together and making a day of it."

How to book

For more information or to book visit:

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