With most lockdown restrictions now lifted, life (and traffic) is returning to near normal.

Busier roads inevitably mean more drivers speeding, reigniting the usual debate around where fixed speed cameras should be installed.

Earlier this week, we used our Facebook page to ask our readers this very question and below are a few of the roads mentioned by you.

Stratford Road

According to one reader, Stratford Road is in need of speed cameras, particularly between Stratford-Sub-Castle Primary School and South Wilts Grammar School where "people drive way faster than 30".

Coombe Road

Coombe Road could also do with more monitoring with one reader pointing out that "there's no signs saying 30, cars [are] going much faster and as you get to the brow of the hill people are trying to cross".

Laverstock Road

Laverstock Road was mentioned by quite a few people.

"I cycled through there earlier today and some car drivers shot through way above the speed limit," one reader said.

Downton Road

Speed cameras should be installed by the M&S garage "to catch the motorbikes and trucks speeding around the bend".

Roman Road

A few readers say Roman Road is used as a rat run, with one person adding: "a major factor in me wanting to leave the area!"

London Road

A reader said: "So many accidents on that road. Especially over the bridge."

Netherhampton Road

"Traffic lights near the school needs a camera," one person said. "So many people jump the red lights there, you take your life in your hands when you cross the road."

Ashley Road

An example of a road that needs improving.

"Drivers speed past at least 60/70 at times it’s scary as hell", one person said.

Another added: "Something is needed...some 20 markings painted on the road, some signs, some of those signs that light up to tell the motorist their speed.

"I’ve witnessed accidents of kids and dogs here and nothing is ever done."

Manor Farm Road

"Nobody does 20mph along Manor Farm road as the signs state...a few speed humps along that road would easily sort out the problem."

Other roads mentioned include: Winterslow Road in Porton, Newbridge Road, Devizes Road, Gainsborough Close, Wilton Road, Pembroke Road and Brown Street.

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