A NEW ghost-hunting experience is now open in the city centre.

Cousins Barry King and Ian Crowley are running the hunts out of all three floors of an empty 14th century building at Cross Keys Shopping Centre.

Barry, who is Site Supervisor at the shopping centre, will be familiar to Journal readers for his matchstick model of Salisbury Cathedral.

They have been investigating buildings in the city since 2019, and using the latest equipment "they have managed to contact a number of spirits at Live Escape Salisbury".

Salisbury Journal:

'Ghostly figures at the windows'

The pair said: "There are many buildings in Salisbury which are said to be haunted. But ghost hunters are always surprised when they witness the levels of activity here."

They say this includes "strange dragging noises, white mist, ghostly figures at the windows and plates smashing in the kitchen".

Downstairs, along the corridor leading to the fire escape, both Barry and Ian say they have felt the presence of Evan – a cleaner who used to work at the then tea rooms. He’s also been known to frequent what was the kitchen, on the first floor.

Salisbury Journal:

During the 1800s, a large part of what is called Plume of Feathers Yard at The Cross Keys was an inn, with its own stables.

On the second floor, Barry and Ian say they have often had contact with a gentleman named Owen, who revealed he attended the horses in the stables.

In the ground floor office, "probably one of the most active spirits", Charlotte, was also "contacted" when the late Derek Akorah performed his investigations for the TV show Ghost Towns.

Charlotte’s brother Harry and mother Rachel are also said to "haunt" the building.

According to Barry and Ian, Rachel’s family, including her husband and parents, worked and lived at the Plume of Feathers Inn.

Salisbury Journal:

How the hunts work

Currently, groups of six can take part in the hunts, but when restrictions are lifted, the maximum will be 12 people.

The ghost hunts take place from 9pm to 1.30am and cost £35 per person.

During the evening specialised equipment will be used to detect activity: from EMF meters and cat balls to REM pods and Spirit Boxes. 

Groups will also experience table tipping and hopefully communicate with spirits via a table and glass.

There will be regular breaks when required. Due to COVID-19, customers are asked to bring their own refreshments. No alcohol is allowed.

For more information, or to book a tour, click here.

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