A CITY councillor has called for the electric car charging point on Brown Street to be fixed, saying it has been out of action for "almost seven months".

Cllr Atiqul Hoque, who represents St. Edmund, says he is "disappointed" that the "only Rapid E charging point" is still not in use.

What is "equally disappointing", he says, is that Salisbury has "less electric charging point then Pewsey".

He wants the charging point fixed "as soon as possible", and more chargers installed in all car parks across the city.

He said: "It’s not that Salisbury doesn’t generate enough parking revenue.

"Little things like this can make a big difference not only for the environment and less pollution, but will also uplift our city’s image and reputation.

"It needs to be addressed."

Cllr Hoque says more electric car charging points will encourage more people to visit our city and "make us stand out and in keeping with other cities and won’t give an impression of being backward".

He added: "Wiltshire Council makes more money from Salisbury parking than any other place in Wiltshire - so for that reason alone we should automatically install more electric charging points.

"By doing so this will also demonstrate the promise we declared to tackle the climate emergency.

"In the future I would like us to take advantage of the Government grant initiative to install more charging points on our streets."

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