Prince Harry and Meghan's baby daughter is not the only Lilibet in the world.

In fact, it looks like Salisbury has its very own Lilibet too and as her mum joked, "she came first".

Wendy and Tom Blythe used the name on March 1, 2004 when their second daughter came into the world.

Up until three days ago, the name was quite unusual and not much talked-about.

Of course, all that changed when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed their newborn was named Lilibet Diana as a tribute to the Queen and Harry's late mother.

Salisbury Journal: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. PA Wire/PA ImagesThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex. PA Wire/PA Images

'It was a shock'

Wendy, 55, said she and her family were delighted, but also quite shocked, when the announcement was made on Sunday June 6.

"Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think the name would become so high profile," she said.

"It was quite a shock when [our daughter] Betty, we call her Betty, found out."

The retired teacher was aware of the link between the name and the Queen - Lilibet being Her Majesty's childhood nickname - but says that's not why she and her husband chose it 17 years ago.

"We just thought it was a really pretty name and it stuck all the way through the pregnancy."

Their daughter's middle name, Victoria, also has royal links but that too was just a coincidence.

"That's a family name so it was always going to be there. It was just unfortunate we gave her a really regal name."

Salisbury Journal: Lilibet with her dad Tom, mum, Wendy and older sister PollyannaLilibet with her dad Tom, mum, Wendy and older sister Pollyanna

'Lots of comments'

Since news of the royal name spread, Lilibet, a student at Godolphin, has been the centre of attention.  

Her mum said: "There's been lots of comments because, although everyone calls her Betty, her actual name is Lilibet."

So far, Wendy says her daughter has enjoyed having an unusual name but joked she might now finally be able to see it featured on items such as key rings and mugs.

"I think secretely she's quite happy," she said, "it really is a pretty name."

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