A COUPLE are appealing for help in the search for their missing dog, who went missing earlier this week. 

Chester, a small, elderly black greyhound, went missing in Bentley Woods, between Farley and West Dean, late morning on Sunday, June 6.

He is described as "naturally timid and unlikely to approach a stranger".

He is wearing a collar with his owner's phone numbers on, but they ask that if you do see him,  do not chase him, but call either 07921 308673 or 07834 170417.

Owners - wife and husband Heather Love and Svend Rumbold - have said there is "lots going on" behind the scenes in the search for Chester. 

The Solstice Missing Dogs team have been onsite every day, and are in constant contact with the owners.

They say right now the best way to help is printing and putting up Chester's posters in the surrounding area - in neighbouring villages, and along public paths.

They said: "Remember, if you think you've seen him, please phone or text the numbers on the poster, but please don't call or chase him". 

The couple have also said they are "grateful beyond words" for the support and help they have received in the search for a "very scared" Chester, who Heather described as "her little boy". 

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