EXTINCTION Rebellion is holding a vigil outside Salisbury Guildhall this weekend.

It is to coincide with the G7 summit in Cornwall, where the world's richest nations are meeting to discuss the climate crisis.

The theme of the vigil is "Drowning in Promises", and will be from 9am-12pm on Saturday (June 12).

It will start at the Guildhall before moving to different spots around the city.

Salisbury Guildhall. Picture by Spencer Mulholland

Salisbury Guildhall. Picture by Spencer Mulholland

In 2015, governments across the world finally committed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Despite this, the United Nations Environment Programme assesses that we are still on course for a rise of 3.2°C.

Extinction Rebellion say this will be "catastrophic" for people and the planet.

Graham Smith from XR Salisbury says: “We’ve been waiting too long for international action on the climate emergency. But it’s not just the G7 that is drowning in promises.

"The UK government claims it has a climate plan, but at the same time has supported expansion of airports, announced a £27 billion roadbuilding programme – including the highly destructive tunnel and expressway – at Stonehenge – scrapped the green home grants scheme and failed to introduce any restrictions on agricultural emissions.”

He adds: “Our local councils are little better. Wiltshire Council and Salisbury City Council both declared Climate Emergencies, but where’s the action? Covid-19 shows that governments can act in the face of an emergency. Now is the time to act on the climate emergency.”

XR says its activists will respect social distancing and wear face masks at all times, and that "only a small group of rebels will be present at any time to ensure free passage of pedestrians".

The group added: "We will be happy to talk to anyone about the climate and ecological emergency and how we can turn promises into action."

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