BOSCOMBE Down Aviation Collection (BDAC) has welcomed a new arrival.

The Sycamore III (WA577) helicopter was a transfer from the North East Land Sea and Air Museums (NELSAM) of helicopter Sycamore III (WA577).

The aircraft was delivered in exchange for another heritage airframe Bristol Sycamore HR14 which had been located at the Old Sarum site, a search and rescue helicopter of importance to the NELSAM collection.

Salisbury Journal:

Sycamore III (WA577) is an early development helicopter, which fits in well with the BDAC Collection due to its early testing work at MOD Boscombe Down.

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection project director Squadron Leader John Sharpe said: “We are delighted to welcome back WA577 which played a significant part in the test work at Boscombe Down.

“Our thanks go to staff at Aerospace Bristol, Morayvia and NELSAM for all their efforts in bringing this project together.”

BDAC is located at hangar one on Old Sarum Airfield. For more information visit:

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