A RESIDENTS’ association has set its sights on tackling speeding to make a Fordingbridge road safer.

Westacres Residents’ Association, which represents Normandy Way, Westgrove and Vimoutiers Court, submitted a proposal to Fordingbridge Town Council to put up signage on Normandy Way to Fordingbridge Town Council, which was discussed at a meeting last week.

The proposal for four signs would aim to remind people of the speed limit for example with “think 30mph” signs in a bid to curb speeding along the road.

A representative from the association said: “Speeding along Normandy Way is an issue and has been for many years. It is not a matter of opinion; it is not a matter for debate; it is a matter of fact.”

He told the meeting over the last ten years speed data had been collected on three separate occasions and on average there was towards 2,000 records of cars going up and down the road every day.

He added: “Of those nearly 60 per cent exceed 31 mph and over a quarter (26 per cent) exceed 35mph. So essentially 26 per cent of those people if there was enforcement in the road would effectively be liable for a penalty.

“Dog walkers, pedestrians, school children going to school they all go along Normandy Way. On that basis there is a risk to pedestrians of the speeding that is happening along Normandy Way.”

The signs could cost between £200 and £300, the meeting heard.

The association was seeking the town council’s support as well as asking it to consider making a contribution of £100 towards the costs.

The representative for the association said this would “demonstrate that Fordingbridge Town Council has a commitment to road safety and safer streets”.

Councillor Nobby Goldsmith said High Street was also an important place for signage to go and Whitsbury Road.

He added: “It is not just Normandy Way; it’s everywhere. People do not care.”

But Councillor Alan Lewendon said if the council contributed to one area it would have to do the same for others.

In response to this mayor, Edward Hale said the town council could pick the “higher priority” roads in the town.

During discussions Councillor Pete White said parking was also an issue on Normandy Way not just speed adding: “I’m amazed we haven’t had a proper accident on that road yet.”

Councillor Mike Jackson said it was part of a “much bigger debate” for the town.

Hampshire County Councillor for Fordingbridge, Councillor Edward Heron, who also serves on New Forest District Council, said: “Normandy Way is one of the roads that most visually makes you think of it as somewhere you can go faster. I think there are others.”

He suggested Normandy Way could be used as a trial area.

The town council approved supporting the proposal for the signs but would discuss a funding contribution at a future meeting.

During the meeting speed indicator devices, which could be moved to different areas of the town, was also discussed.

Cllr Hale said the indicator device would need to be mobile so it could be moved to different locations.

Cllr Heron said he would be happy to provide funding if it was something the council wished to do. It could cost £6,000 but this depended on the device.

He also stated the devices could be hired from NFDC but there was a waiting list which was “well booked”.

Cllr Hale suggested the council do further research into the options.

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