Three busy junctions in Salisbury are set to be upgraded as part of a £15m project to reduce congestion and delays across the city.

Wiltshire Council has applied for funding from central Government to draw up plans to improve Exeter Street roundabout, Harnham Gyratory and Park Wall junction on the A36.

A consultation on the proposals, unveiled for the first time during a meeting of Salisbury Area Board on Thursday night (June 17), has now been launched.

Outlined by Major Highway Projects Engineer, Carli van Niekerk, the plans aim to increase capacity, improve journey times and reduce queues.

Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists are also being proposed.

As it's still early days, plans are likely to change based on feedback from businesses and residents.

However, this is what they look like so far.

Exeter Street roundabout

Two options have been put forward to change the layout of Exeter Street roundabout.

Option one involves exiting and entering the junction as per the existing layout.

Salisbury Journal: Option oneOption one

Option two would add a new arm next to the cathedral wall for entering the roundabout from St Nicholas Road.

Salisbury Journal: Option twoOption two

The downside of this option is that three trees would have to be removed.

Other improvements to the roundabout include a new set of traffic lights, signalised crossings for pedestrians and cyclists on Churchill Way South, better subway lighting, upgrades to pedestrian and cycle routes linked to the roundabout and advanced stop lines for cyclists.

Harnham Gyratory

Below is the proposed new layout for Harnham Gyratory.

Salisbury Journal: Harnham GyratoryHarnham Gyratory

Other improvements include traffic lights renewal, upgraded signalised crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, upgrades to pedestrian and cycle routes linked to the roundabout and advanced stop lines for cyclists.

Park Wall junction

The road layout at this junction, just outside of Wilton, would not be changed dramatically due to limited space.

However, improvements would include adjustments to the kerb lines and road markings, changes to traffic lights, upgraded signalised crossings for pedestrians and cyclists leading to a new path connecting Netherhampton Road to Lower Road and advanced stop lines for cyclists.

Salisbury Journal: Park Wall junctionPark Wall junction

Walking and cycling

Proposals to improve walking and cycling around these three junctions include:

  • A new 2.5 - 3m wide path from Exeter Street roundabout to the cycle route along Carmelite Way
  • New signalised crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at Exeter Street roundabout
  • Upgrading the path along New Bridge Road to a two-way 4m wide segregated cycleway and footway

Salisbury Journal:

  • Potential upgrading of the path through the park north of Harnham Gyratory to a segregated path
  • Improvements to the cycle route along quiet streets via Milton Road, Burford Road, Burford Avenue and Britford Lane and a new 20mph speed limit
  • Improvements to existing cycle route along quiet streets via Harnham Road and St Nicholas’ Road with a new 20mph speed limt, better signage, road resurfacing and lighting

Salisbury Journal:

  • A potential new 3m wide path down Harnham Road from the junction with Saxon Road to the junction with Old Blandford Road
  • Widening the path along New Harnham Road from the junction with Old Blandford Road to Harnham Gyratory to 3m
  • Upgrading the signalised crossings at Harnham Gyratory and New Harnham road
  • A potential new 3m wide path along the west side of Harnham Gyratory
  • A potential new path and crossings along Odstock Road from the junction with Heronswood to the junction with Rowbarrow
  • A new 2.5 - 3m wide path along Downton Road from the junction with the depot to the junction with Milton Road
  • Resurfacing the path along Downton Road, improving lighting and signage
  • Upgrading the signalised crossings at Britford Park & Ride

Salisbury Journal:

  • A new cycleway from Park Wall junction to Lower Road to include an upgraded crossing, a new 3m wide path along an advisory cycle lane through the car park and resurfacing

Next steps

Funding to draw up these plans and produce a business case has been made available by the Department for Transport.

The business case will be submitted this summer and if approved, more funding will be granted.

At that point there will be another round of consultation and if the final plans are given the green light, works will begin towards the end of 2023.

How to share your views

To take part in the consultation you can fill in a questionnaire here or email

The deadline to submit your views is July 18.

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