A BUTCHERS in Fordingbridge was broken into leaving the business to deal with the "collateral damage" left behind.

Police say they received a report of a burglary at J May & Son Ltd on Salisbury Road at around 1.55am yesterday (Thursday June 17).

The owner of the business, who doesn't wish to be named, said that around 6.30am when he went to open up the shop, he discovered the door had been "kicked in".

The till system used is made up of a set of scales with a cash draw. The scales were upside down on the floor and the till draw, which had around £70, was missing. But nothing else was taken.

The trader says CCTV footage captured a person kicking the bottom of the stable door on the listed building multiple times.

This caused damage to the door and they were "in and out in seconds". 

"They got away with £70 in cash but it is the collateral damage," he said.

The business has not only had to have the door repaired but also had to contend with the disruption caused with the till system, which will also have to be replaced.

It has still been able to keep serving customers despite the disruption.

"We only started in February and are a relatively new business," the owner said.

"It's a bit of a kick in the teeth when you're trying to get a business off the ground.

"Lots of people have been on the receiving end of crime locally. Vehicles have been broken into and shops in the neighbourhood in recent months.

"I'm determined not to let it stifle our progress. We're doing incredibly well.

"The support from people on Facebook and customers has been tremendous and other retailers have been very helpful. You've just got to rise above it."

A statement from Hampshire Constabulary said: "We received a report of a burglary at around 1.55am on Thursday 17 June from a butcher’s shop on Salisbury Road.

"Entry was forced into the building and a till – containing a quantity of cash – was stolen in the process."

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting reference 44210237360.

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