The mayor had a special invitation for Ed Sheeran when the news spread that he was in Salisbury yesterday (July 1).

Caroline Corbin said that if the artist was here in the next year, he should let her know and she will "invite him for tea".

The mayor and Bemerton Heath councillor said: "There are other musicians of high profile that have links to Salisbury, so I'm not overly surprised he is here.

"It would have been nice to have had him at the Guildhall and to have done something.

"My message to him would be if you're here in the next year, give me a shout and we'll invite you to tea."

Yesterday (Thursday July 1), the pop star appeared on ITV's Lorraine live from his Salisbury recording studio, where he is finalising his new album.

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Upon hearing the news yesterday, Caroline Corbin replied to Ed's tweet and said that if she had known he was in Salisbury, she would have shown him around the Guildhall.

The singer's new album, 'Minus' ('-'), is expected later this year, after he released his new single 'Bad Habits' on Friday (June 25).

He appeared on Lorraine to discuss the album, as well as experiencing grief, the birth of his daughter and his 30th birthday.

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