AS ENGLAND continue to progress deep into the European Championship, many of you might be wondering if a big screen could be put somewhere in the city for fans to come together.

This is also something a city councillor has been pushing for on social media.

Atiqul Hoque, Conservative councillor St Edmund and Milford, first put forward the idea in 2018, when England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in Russia.

On Wednesday, June 30, after England beat Germany 2-0 at Wembley, Atiqul posted on Twitter: "After last night's win, England's chances of bringing it home have never been better!

"What are your thoughts on having the final screened in the Market Square?"

This sparked a conversation, with some saying emergency services have to be on standby on these occasions. 

Others added: "Of course we should try and screen an England final - massive community event - but COVID regs will need to be observed 100 per cent - tricky stuff."

Cllr Hoque responded: "I know it’s difficult with current situation, but this might be an once in a lifetime opportunity that we make to final. Or maybe Hudson's Field."

Along with Covid restrictions, the main obstacle for such an event is, of course, the cost.

On a post on Facebook discussing the possibility of St George's flag being raised at the Guildhall for the semi-final, Mayor and chairman of the city council, Cllr Caroline Corbin, said "given the restrictions having a big screen world be costly so the least we can do is fly the flag".

Cllr Corbin added: "It was mentioned to me the potential cost ££££’s and if it should be ticketed at cost. All possible of course but whilst restrictions are uncertain it’s a huge risk."

A statement from the city council added: "The City Council is not planning to have a screening due to timescales and Covid restrictions."

But don't worry. It's still coming home, whether Salisbury has a big screen or not.

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