Readers are totally split on whether they will continue to wear face coverings after the legal requirement is lifted.

Last night (July 5), Boris Johnson announced that under his plans for Step 4 of the road map out of lockdown, the requirement to wear face masks will be scrapped.

The so-called “freedom day” is expected on July 19, with a decision on whether or not to go ahead being taken a week earlier.

We asked readers whether or not they will continue to wear face masks after they are made optional, and those who commented were split on the issue.

Many said they would if they were in very crowded indoor spaces.

One comment read: "I personally think masks should still be worn in crowded areas, public transport and hospital/doctors waiting rooms. As much as some people might think masks are of no benefit, there is evidence to show that worn properly they do play a part in reducing transmission."

Another comment said: "In general? Probably not, but if I feel like I’ve got a cold coming in then as a politeness I’ll wear one so I can try avoid giving it to people."

Another agreed: "On a bus and crowded shops", and another reader said: "In places like supermarkets and buses I will."

However, there were some strong opinions on the opposite side, including that politicians advocating for lockdown have not been wearing them and they make communication difficult for people who are hard of hearing.

One comment said: "Nope. America lifted the requirement of face coverings a few weeks ago."

Another reader wrote: "I will certainly reduce my use of a mask as I wear hearing aids worth £1800 and fed up of them pinging off. They hinder my ability to lip read others and to communicate."

One reader said: "Nope, only wear one to work because I have to and shops again because I have to. On July 19, I'm glad to move on and forget this issue."

Another commenter pointed out that politicians have not worn masks in recent days: "People at G7, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and certainly Matt Hancock DID NOT!"

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