PUB owners have been embracing plans for ‘Freedom Day’ with open arms, with July 19 confirmed as the date the Covid-19 lockdown is to come to an end.

Despite this, the owner of Salisbury’s only nightclub is waiting for more clarity before plans and celebrations can really begin.

Pubs and restaurants welcomed the Prime Minster’s announcement Monday night, which confirmed mask wearing, social distancing and nightclub closures are to come to an end in two weeks.

Amanda Newbery, of The Chapel Nightclub, is waiting for Boris Johnson’s update next week before celebrating the business’s return.

She said: “Being closed for 16 months in a collection of quirky old heritage buildings brings a whole range of issues, which we have been constantly working on throughout lockdown and we’re nearly there with that.

“We do have a line up of artists and new music genres waiting for us to press the button. For now, we have to wait a little longer for the unlock guidance next Monday because inevitably there will be something in that which we aren’t expecting.

“Our reopening will happen but we right now we need to consider the very best way to do that for our staff, our customers and ultimately for the night time economy of Salisbury.”

Meanwhile Wendy Wooller, of The Swan at Stoford, was one inn owner who said the freedom day announcement was “absolutely amazing” and she was “right behind this decision”.

“It will be great to work how it should be and get things back to normal,” she said.

“This couldn’t have come quickly enough for us, it has been good to be open but we’ve been working against the grain because we need more staff.

"Most people are vaccinated now – it’s time to learn to live with Covid-19 like living with the flu.”

Dave Hancock, director of Deacons, Tinga and Caboose was also "ecstatic” with the news, adding the need to return to normality was “long overdue”, especially in aiding the recovery of the hospitality sector.

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Despite an overall positive response to the announcement from the hospitality sector, the official decision will be made on whether or not to go ahead with the lockdown lift on, as referenced, Monday, July 12.

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