A RINGWOOD councillor has called on Countryfile experts to help with the town’s pesky rooks who have been getting into mischief.

Problems over rook poo and the birds getting into rubbish bags were highlighted during a meeting of Ringwood Town Council held on Wednesday June 30.

The meeting heard the rooks had moved from their usually roosting site for some reason and had been nesting in trees around the Gateway Square.

Councillor Philip Day thanked the grounds team for the work improving the main roundabout in the town and the area around the Gateway, which he said was “beginning to look very tatty with weeds growing”.

He added: “They have done a grand job in tidying that up.”

But he said there had been a number of comments from residents about “guano” (bird poo) from the rooks who had moved from their usual haunts.

He said he was not sure what could be done to encourage them back to their previous site.

“I do appreciate the problems that the guano has caused and I know that our grounds team have done everything they can to clear that,” added Cllr Day.

“Congratulations on their effort but I’m not sure what else can be done.”

Councillor Gloria O’Reilly said she had received complaints about the rooks getting into rubbish on collection day.

“We had to go out with brooms and sweep it up because the rooks had got into the rubbish bags and tore them all apart and chucked rubbish all over Monmouth Court. I don’t know what we can do about it. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.”

Councillor Glenys Turner told fellow councillors that she had written to the BBC One’s Countryfile for assistance.

“I’ve written to Countryfile about this because I feel so concerned,” she said. I haven’t had a reply as yet.”

“It just seems such a shame and it would be good to get them back where they are not bothering anybody.”

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