Salisbury fans have been praised for their good behaviour after England lost to Italy on penalties in the Euro 2020 final.

Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr Caroline Corbin has condemned the fans who have made racist and abusive remarks against the players who missed their penalties.

She said: "It was a lovely game and everybody played well, but it is a shame that those fans that would have revelled in their heroic efforts had we won, are the same ones who are being racist and horrible now. It has to stop.

"The people saying, 'He missed that goal so he doesn't deserve to wear that shirt' need to grow up. They weren't on the pitch.

"I think that anyone who is found to have been a football thug or showed any signs of nastiness should be banned from matches."

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However, the mayor added that she was glad to hear that Salisbury fans were relatively well-behaved.

"Apparently Salisbury was quite calm last night, so that was nice to hear this morning," she said.

"We needed the joy of something nice to look forward to. All the teams played really well and they will come back in 2022 and win."

Caroline tweeted last night: "Soooo tense for everyone. Just remember you armchair and pub heroes. You have just watched an historical moment. Just revel in it peacefully there is always 2022 World Cup. 3 lions brave hearts."

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Tommy Roberts, manager of the Cathedral hotel, commented that the people of Salisbury were a "good advert" for England fans.

"The atmosphere was super," he said. "Lots of them had their faces painted, they were all in England shirts and some had had their hair done for it. It was a historic match.

"When the Italians equalised it went completely quiet - from euphoria to very sad.

"The England team have given us a lot of good memories and a lift that was well-needed after the last 18 months.

"The good people of Salisbury were very well-behaved and a good advert for England supporters."

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